Monday, January 30, 2006

Every Dog Has Its Year

Have you felt the fresh rush of a New Year yet? When all good things seem not only possible, but probable? OK, for a couple of minutes.

We welcome more bloggers to the Central Coast!

Energized activists, SLO CodePink! Leggs Ortiz and friends, invite you to observe the State of the Union with a boatload of ideas for progressive change on the Central Coast.

Podcasting is coming next month from Bill Benica. He's planning on it and busy building a home studio. Ask him for his phone number!

Apples vs. oranges = pears? Ann Calhoun has looked at the latest Sewer Saga facts and lets the spin fall where it may.

Thom Hutchings presents a picture story of how the Vietnamese prepare for the Year of the Dog, 2006.

Last but not least, Renee presents a vote for "kindness" in her post from Santa Maria. She shows us how it's related to wisdom.

Be wise, and perhaps this new year will be more kind to us all!

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006 Best Wishes!

It's 2006! Yea! Happy New Year! Somehow we got through another year. Which means there's lots of "best of 2005" lists to wade through, wherever you look.

Start here, because Reenee has a great list with lots of humor built right in. Such as #36: If you cannot be a role model for someone, at least serve as a good warning!

More peaceful wishes here from our neighbors in Lompoc and Santa Barbara county.

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