Friday, December 30, 2005

American Values: Progress, Taxes, Good Weather Forecasts

Breaking Blog News...Dave Congalton, one of the founders of this CCNM Community Blog, has been given more Internet work. KVEC AM 920 wants him to blog for his afternoon drive program and will stream his show online to help him say "yes!" Congratulations, Dave!

Our other radioman/blogger guy, Bill Benica has some thoughts about why words are spelled the weigh theigh are and more...

What's another phrase that means "taxes?" Guy Murray reports from Nipomo, where people don't seem to complain when their "taxes" are increased...

Thom Hutchings writes on the "American Values" lesson a 700-mile fence can teach us and our youngsters...

Is "American Exceptionalism" alive and well? What is it? Jim Silva lets us stand in another's shoes until it gets a bit too uncomfortable. That's when you know you're closer to what's really important...

Thanks for visiting this year and get ready for what feels like a Great 2006 coming our way!

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Great Debates Continue

More and more, Americans think it was a bad idea to invade Iraq. CNN/USAToday/Gallup poll released in August, found 54 percent of those surveyed felt that it had been a mistake to send troops to Iraq.

Do we blame the mainstream media for not telling us about how bad a mistake it's been? Or should we take responsibility ourselves?
Mickey P. Rowe spells it out.

And to pull back to the largest of the Big Pictures, David Ciaffardini presents the do-it-yourself, Great Debate. Now that should get us back in the Christmas Spirit!

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

When Common Sense Is Needed

Reenee, our blogger from Santa Maria, has new post and it's solid: what went wrong with how Arellanes Junior High School dealt with Hector Maldonado. Hector and three other boys were involved in a fight on school grounds. He was arrested and then...

Common sense disappeared in the process and Hector "disappeared" into the immigration enforcement system for six days. What's the Department of Homeland Security doing mixed up in this?

Further south, a commentary from the progressive point of view concerns whether the Santa Barbara News Press will give a "free ride," to Janet Wolf. Meaning no heavy criticism. It's a simple, common sense concern.

Supervisor Susan Rose has decided not to run again and Wolf has announced she will campaign for the 2nd District County Supervisor seat.

Meanwhile, we watch the SB News Press attempt a standard of journalism excellence: "free debate and fair reporting." Could we also have a large quantity of common sense to go with that?

Note: this blogsite now has a Google PageRank of 5 and many contributor blog pages have a PageRank of 3 to 4. As the web-savvy in our readership knows, this is major good news!

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Gimme Some Truth

25 years ago tonight was a Monday and Howard Cosell told the nation of John Lennon's gunshot death during "Monday Night Football."

Lennon was age 40 and creatively ready for the second half of his life, according to reports. Newsstand Greg asks, "where were you then?"

Nice to see Ron Fink again, blogging on how President Bush could, er, ah...lie.

Progressives in Santa Barbara have an all year 'round tradition: the Friday Night Film Series. Take a look, if you haven't been somewhere out of the ordinary for some time.

Thanks again for visiting the ole Yule Blog...and please send some one new our way too!

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Reason: 'Tis The Season

Dave Congalton's latest post tells us of the latest change in local media management.

Los Osos water and sewer issues take two to tell the story, don't miss either Ann Calhoun or Steve Paige. They make it plain and simple to understand how government officeholders can vaporize taxpayer money.

Finally, a touching story from Karen Lee Stevens about the little pug that could. Something for everyone this first weekend of December. Our sincere thanks for visiting our blog of current comment and please return again soon!

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