Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dick Cavett's Uncle And War

Have you seen Ann Calhoun's recent posting? It's not about the Los Osos sewer saga, but it hits its mark.

What's happening in the streets of Santa Maria lately? Check out Renee's observations.

Scooter Libby has been convicted on 4 of 5 counts of obstruction of justice and lying to a grand jury. Think of it for a moment--a lawyer, paid to provide clear legal thinking--chose to lie rather than tell the truth about circumstances which blew the cover of a covert CIA agent's identity.

If you connect the dots, you see the president and vice-president did not like the article published in the New York Times written by Joe Wilson after he returned from a trip to the African continent. This is the op-ed piece that tore the administration a "new one."

The piece examines the lies we were told to justify the War in Iraq. White House hardball kicked in and Wilson's wife (known as Valerie Plame) was declared "fair game" and her identity was compromised. Then the VP's chief of staff lied about it to a grand jury. A very focused and sharp prosecutor made a convincing case. Now, justice has been served.

May this be the break in the system of denial that's been enabling the bogus war to continue. Let's hope the enabling is really over. Amazing what a well-written article in a widely read newspaper can do. --Greg

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Foster Wins School Board Post

It may have been the letter of support printed below, or the endorsement of The Tribune, but teacher David Foster won a seat on the Lucia Mar School Board.

Check the details of the election results.

But as you can also see, we didn't get an "avalanche" of additional letters of support, or this blog would have printed them. However, whenever we do get messages, we'll talk about it here.

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