Friday, September 23, 2005

Idiot Box Or Benefit To Mankind?

Photo by NASA
Ahh, the television set--once viewed as a tool for education--is now under fire on the Central Coast.

Dave Congalton on payback: the New Times shreds KSBY Channel 6.

Ann Calhoun cites a public official saying public access tv channel 20 in Los Osos may have "shared enough of both sides of the (sewer) debate" so it's NOT going to air any more "voter education" programs about the project. Next Tuesday is the vote to Recall three LOCSD members.

Craig Louis Dingman sees the Atascadero Main Street vision as a choice between hometown kitsch and sprayed-on stucco structures.

Rounding out what's new on the blog:

Bill Benica's post asserts "our Constitutional Rights are in danger!" Gary Ray Rogers prints a letter from the National Council on Disabilities to the Department of Homeland Security requesting specific help for disabled people hurt by the hurricane. The high costs of medicine and medical malpractice suits are tackled by Dr. Don Regan's latest in response to recent viewer comments.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Punch! Jab! Right! Left!

Is it the Hand of Fate hitting us in the face...or is it scientific reality?

You may be ready for the next Big Battle guest blogger Reenee sees coming.

Middle class healthcare could be better in Viet Nam than on the Central Coast.

Take a few minutes to peacefully read the Lompoc Peace reasons to protest on Saturday, the 24th, for a shout that will be heard from the Central Coast all around the world.

You may be "streaming" without even knowing it. On a totally different topic, have you seen our Accessibility blognews lately?

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Same Topics, New Postings

Photo by NOAA

Hurricane Katrina's
damage is now recognized as the worst natural disaster in US history. The recent Indonesia tsunami's cost estimate is $10 billion and U.N. estimates of insured losses from Katrina range from $9 billion to $25 billion in the last three weeks.

Ron Fink asks "what's next for New Orleans?" and offers numerous opinions plus three "shoulds."

Absolutely shocking to read "the confessions of a Bush-basher" written by David Ciaffardini, of all people.

Ever wonder why 38% did not evacuate New Orleans before Katrina hit? Gary Ray Rogers explains.

Read all about revising the history of the "Solutions Group" in Ann Calhoun's lastest.

Code Pink in San Luis Obispo has a goal to end the War in Iraq and a calendar of events to accomplish this.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

MJ Juror Book, ESHA And Vietnam Battlefields

Thanks for browsing by. Have you seen the view from Santa Maria?

Our guest blogger, Reenee, has the reaction to the Michael Jackson juror/reluctant acquitter/book author story.
Our Green man in Vietnam, Thom Hutchings, reads the US press with this response to a column by Thomas Sowell.
What's an ESHA? Those in Los Osos know, and Ann Calhoun provides the story of how the LOCSD may not fill in forms with all pertinent information, and at what cost.

You might want to check the comments section of your favorite bloggers, that's where some of the most fun is found on this here blogsite. Or leave a comment all your own, wherever you desire. It's our way of spreading democracy throughout the Coast.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Time To Make The Call

You'll want to call in to Dave Congalton's talk show Thursday...listen to the case for the impeachment of George W. Bush! Dave also presents a timeline of government response when the last American city was destroyed by a natural disaster--the San Francisco earthquake, 1906.

Then there's Ron Fink with his take on the "darling of the wine and cheese liberals of southern SB County"...Representative Lois Capps. Has all she's accomplished been a tattoo removal program and a failed attempt (the Gaviota National Seashore) to federalize her coastal district's coastline?

How did you remember the events of 9/11? Our Lompoc Peace and Justice Coalition helped the next generation visualize the cost of war.

Closer to home, Dawn Legg gets near the reason why legislation is/isn't getting done in Sacramento.

Have your friends discussed how much responsibility George W. Bush shares for the Katrina aftermath--and preparations beforehand? Mickey Rowe pummels the keyboard for answers.

Leave it to David Ciaffardini to tell us where we can get chocolate marshmallow popcorn along with our first run moving picture shows. Yummy!

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Two Questions, Three Web Sites, One Can(n)on

Where is the post-hurricane "leadership" of George W. Bush? asks Mickey P. Rowe.
Another question from David Ciaffardini: has Dick Cheney gone AWOL?
Leggs Ortiz logs in recommending three web sites she reviews.
Ann Calhoun spotlights the Los Osos CSD and legal liabilities of airing ads less than 30 days before an election.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Thoughts For This Labor Day Week

Ron Fink asks: should New Orleans be rebuilt?
David Ciaffardini outlines the hurricane test of our compassion.

Newsstand Greg pays respect to Labor Day's "salt of the earth."
Dr. Don explains the "symbiotic" tax code.

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Talk About The Weather
Talk About The Government

Lompoc Mary asks what's the worst kind of weapon in existence?
Guest bloggette Reenee wants a "today appointment" with her doctor.
Ron Fink shows how the weather can be politicized in a blame game.
Bill Benica's solution to lawless New Orleans: "shoot the loot!"
Doc Regan knows disaster news means we are prepared here, right?
Ann Calhoun finds a new wrinkle in the Los Osos sewer saga.
Margo Viers lives in a building where death knocks three times.
Leggs Ortiz "personal" hurricane tells what she wants from "them."

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

What Is The ABC Plan?

More than one spectator has wondered just what is this "ABC Plan" that Joey Racano promotes? In fact, I emailed him the same question and he sent me this link to the complete document.

Now it's up to the people to look at it and see if it's an agreeable place to start reconsidering the Los Osos sewer/park fiasco. --editor, CCNM

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina Reaches The Central Coast

The damage wrought by Hurricane Katrina is on our minds.

Photo by UW Madison, Wisconsin
Two views on what it means, from Ron Fink and David Ciaffardini.
A little coffee for the soul from Newsstand Greg and a quick visit to the newest "no spin zone," this time in Los Osos where Ann Calhoun tells it like it is.

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Death Comes Knocking

Death knocked two doors down a couple of weeks ago.
Death knocked one door down today.

The people who died were just people, not famous, not well known by very many people, but the people who knew them well loved them with all the love they had.

It does not matter that both of the people who died had been sick and there was warning that the end might come at any time. Death came as a shock. To those that died and the ones they left behind.

I worry about the ones left.

One of the women does not drive and has a bad back making walking difficult, food shopping has become an issue and cleaning is impossible. Her son lives many states away. He and his wife offered to move her but she does not want to impose. She has no one here, she says.

My other neighbor is still recovering from having her best friend Bear Bear, her little dog of 14 years, snatched and killed by a big dog. She tried to save her friend but the big dog was too big, too strong, and too intent on the kill and she was too frail. Her son's death may be too much for her.

Grief is present in the neighborhood this week and we still have one to go since it always knocks three times.

It just knocked again. --Margo Viers

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Gambling For Dollars

Describing sound is rather like catching smoke. You can hear it in your head but the words elude you. The casino was like that--smoky and filled with sound.

Electronica gone amuck, with the people trying to catch it.

Shoulder to shoulder people, smoke wafting everywhere inside a building in California no less! Amazing. Up the escalator there is a woman smoking. I pause to see how security will handle it. And they just walked by. I knew I was in a different world.

Smoke was not the only item filling the air. Soun-- lots of sound. A cacaphony of sound. Whirs, beeps and pings but few human voices.

I pick a machine and promptly realize that once again in the path of life I don't know what to do, it has been too long since the last visit to a casino. It's time to figure it out.

Five buttons on the top row, 5 buttons on the bottom row. Pick and choose. Ok. But the machine won't take my bill. I take that as a sign and move on.

Second choice was not a good choice. Four spins, good-bye five.

Next machine is a 7-spinner and a good-bye five. Movin' on now. What's the reverse of ka-ching? ka-chung?

Hey, that Bandida looks like a good machine, another five in the slot and spin it down to the last 1 credit. But... there is a help button. Now that's my kind of button. Read the instructions. Play the last spin and up come 15 free games but I definitely don't know how to cash in.

My neighbor gestures to just let it run. I start to touch a button and he gestures again. I leave it alone. The machine spins up a 36 dollar win. I turn to say thank you to my neighbor and realize that once again, sign language has worked in place of words since he did not have the ability to verbalize.

Good bye Bandida. Goodbye casino. Goodbye gambling. --Margo Viers

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