Sunday, March 16, 2008

Uncovering The Truth In 2008

Let's catch up: SLO County: One week after the pink slip, King Harris was rehired by the new ownership of KVEC 920am. Hope his week's vacation was enjoyable as the listeners sent their demands to the station, declaring "let the morning news be the King's domain!"

Santa Barbara County: The film "Citizen McCaw" premiered at the Arlington Theatre, Friday 3/7, produced by filmmaker Rod Lathim. It depicts the unraveling of a once-great community newspaper subject to the whims of a wealthy owner and staff reaction to it. No word if the "non-biased" owner of The Santa Barbara News Press was attending in disguise.

Welcome to New Journalism: is the new site where San Luis Obispo county residents can learn what's really happening behind closed doors. As the site puts it " examines and discusses issues ranging from government schemes to financial fraud, from the fleecing of the American taxpayer to the plight of the homeless."

Co-edited by Daniel Blackburn and Karen Velie, these two are looking under the rocks and shining the light of day on what they find. Seems to me they're keeping the spirit of journalism alive. This week's blockbuster story: how local investors appear to have lost millions of retirement dollars in shaky SLO county real estate developments.

Dressing up for 2008: Looking toward the right column you'll see three phrases that are prompting current news headlines delivered by Google. Local real estate conditions are a big item right now. If you'd like to see a different search phrase in the future, let me know with a comment. Thanks for reading. See ya back here soon.

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