Saturday, December 10, 2005

When Common Sense Is Needed

Reenee, our blogger from Santa Maria, has new post and it's solid: what went wrong with how Arellanes Junior High School dealt with Hector Maldonado. Hector and three other boys were involved in a fight on school grounds. He was arrested and then...

Common sense disappeared in the process and Hector "disappeared" into the immigration enforcement system for six days. What's the Department of Homeland Security doing mixed up in this?

Further south, a commentary from the progressive point of view concerns whether the Santa Barbara News Press will give a "free ride," to Janet Wolf. Meaning no heavy criticism. It's a simple, common sense concern.

Supervisor Susan Rose has decided not to run again and Wolf has announced she will campaign for the 2nd District County Supervisor seat.

Meanwhile, we watch the SB News Press attempt a standard of journalism excellence: "free debate and fair reporting." Could we also have a large quantity of common sense to go with that?

Note: this blogsite now has a Google PageRank of 5 and many contributor blog pages have a PageRank of 3 to 4. As the web-savvy in our readership knows, this is major good news!

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