Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Vote For David Foster

[We'll print the emails we get until the avalanche is so great we'll have to make the frequent writers into bloggers!]

Dear Editor,

I’ve had very few memorable teachers in my academic career and even fewer who were memorable for being good.

I am writing you today because my favorite teacher of all time, David Foster, is running for school board. As a past student of his, I remember what David’s personality and devotion to teaching meant to me. Attending Arroyo Grande High School is not a pleasant experience to recollect.

The physical school itself was a total dump; it was overcrowded, and I hated going there. So much of what I was forced to learn was boring and presented in the same manner. During second period of the first semester of my senior year I would finally escape high school hell, even if just for 50 minutes a day, in David Foster’s Bible Literature class.

He taught in a way that was engaging, interactive and, most of all, fun. He intertwined history, literature and anthropology to paint vivid pictures of some of the greatest stories ever written. He was there everyday with more energy and passion than any teacher I’ve ever had. I knew he truly cared about what his students learned, and I only wish there were more teachers like him.

Since I graduated in 2000, David has become a very close family friend. I’ve come to understand his deep commitment to education, teachers and above all, the students. His experience in and out of the classroom makes him the perfect candidate for guiding Lucia Mar Unified School District in a positive direction.

Please honor a great educator and community leader and vote David Foster for school board.


Cameron Taylor Edmondson

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