Monday, October 01, 2007

Telephone Polling The Central Coast

Just received a call that quizzed me in a "survey" of voter opinions and attitudes. That's what I'd call it, and I played along with this 20-minute exercise to learn who was behind it.

I also learned how little I know of state politics when quizzed on certain names. Later, I found how crucially important know who is who can be. (The following are linked to essential public records information.)

Do any of these names sound familiar to you? Tony Strickland, Jim Dantona or Hanna Beth Jackson? What can you tell me about candidates and potential contenders for California's 19th State Senate District?

Not much, eh? Yeah, about as much as I knew, too. But this phone call, a polling survey, served to wake me up a good deal. As a progressive, I have been looking to make a difference on a local level and now I may have found another opportunity.

And of course, you already know what I think of our pro-torture, congressman Elton Gallegly.

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