Thursday, December 27, 2007

How To Support The Troops

One week ago today, before Christmas, the Santa Barbara city council unanimously passed a resolution calling for an end to combat operations in Iraq and withdrawal of American troops. The room was celebrating the accomplishment.

Perhaps there can be "Peace On Earth, Goodwill to Men." Consider this event part of a growing national groundswell. Our county seat has joined more than 300 other cities that have passed similar resolutions!

In fact, in June, The annual U.S. Conference of Mayors was held in Los Angeles and passed a "Bring Home the Troops resolution." (See page 200.)

According to the Santa Barbara Independent, "the (Santa Barbara city's) resolution was crafted by Councilmember Das Williams and Mayor Marty Blum, who are hoping it will persuade the State Legislature to enact a similar proclamation, which, in turn, will increase the pressure on any presidential aspirants seeking to win the hearts and minds of California voters in the state primary this February."

California cities and counties that have passed a resolution to end the Iraq War or a similar Peace Resolution:

Alameda County, Arcata, Berkeley, Coachella, Davis, Los Angeles, Marin County, Oakland, Richmond, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Sebastopol.

Will this energy soon spread to Lompoc, Santa Maria and cities in SLO county in 2008? (San Luis Obispo's city council passed an anti-war resolution in January of 2003.)

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