Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seven Years Gone

It's a sad thing that it has taken me almost a week to sum up my feelings about the alleged attack on America by Al-Qaeda in New York.

Seven years ago something terrible did happen in New York City. Two commercial airliners flew into the Twin Trade Towers and this country and the world have not been the same since.

Our local paper, The Lompoc Record, published an editorial on the topic, concluding we must "remind ourselves how strong we really are." That's noble. We must also remember who we really are; that we have faced worse foes and defeated them in WWII.

Although my deceased Dad was a Republican most of his life, he was also a populist that did not believe everything the government said was true. In the aftermath of the "official" explanation about the "single bullet theory" in JFK's assassination, I also began to learn our government could and would lie to its citizens.

To this day, I remain skeptical of the official US Government explanation of the events surrounding JFK's death and many more matters. Start with Operation Northwoods.

In view of the foregoing, I've got two questions to ask at this point: do you feel you are any more safe now, than you were September 10th, 2001? And, don't you have any questions about the events of that fateful morning?

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