Monday, September 08, 2008

Who's Watching The Watchdog?

Could not leave well enough alone, and last Friday I drove around lil' Lompoc and listened to the radio. Caught part of Andy Caldwell's radio show where he talked on the phone with a conservative mentor by the name of Richard Cochran.

Caldwell is also Santa Barbara County's so-called watchdog according to many observers. The Santa Maria Sun's 2008 annual "Best Of" edition names Caldwell "Best Community Watchdog."

The "watchdog" title has been used by Andy for years to describe his activities on behalf of COLAB. The acronym stands for the Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business, the group of business honchos from each of these parts of our local economy.

When Andy mentioned that Lois Capps, representatives from SBCAN and other liberals won't appear on his radio show, my ears picked up. Now why would people who are usually promoting their latest fund-raiser refuse to go on the air and tell their story?

Could it be that Caldwell is not a "watchdog" at all, but in reality is a "lobbyist?"

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