Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 In A Center Left Country!

Is America really a "center-right" country? Will Obama have to govern a country that "leans right?" Have you had enough of this national debate?

Yeah, so have I. Here's a fresh Zogby/Lear poll which asked 42 typology questions of 3,167 adults nationwide. 21 statements had majority support from the entire sample. (How would you answer these?)

The results reveal three groups: 41% Red, 34% Blue and 24% Purple.

Who are the "purples?"

"Purples" are a significant group (24%) who split their answers between "Red" and "Blue" points of view. (44% red, 56% blue).

Call them centrists if you like. Add it up and the results are clear: the USA leans center-left. 52% Blue vs 48% Red.

A sample of the 21 statements: "Foreigners who immigrate to America want the chance to work for a better life."

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