Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lompoc's Hidden Value: LompocNet

The big headline in the paper this morning screams Lompoc's Wi-Fi Internet service is losing money. Could there be a another side to the story?

Read it, do the math and you'll know there's only one conclusion. Lompoc Net wireless 750 more customers are needed for our municipal internet service to break even!

More advertising to reach potential customers about this value will get more sign-ups. More info here.

Following my own inspiration to support "local Lompoc" goods and services, here's my free ad for this bargain priced ($4.99/mo.) city wireless service.

Are there reception problems with LompocNet? One might like to get a strong signal at Ocean and H Streets, but reports tell us there's more work to be done on the signal strength of the system.

Let's see the City Council improve this situation while facing the honest truth in 2009!

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