Friday, August 28, 2009

HR 3200 Benefits For 24th Congressional District

Here's the second summary of HR 3200 benefits for those of us fortunate to live on the Central Coast inside the blue line of the 24th Congressional District.

668,099 (est.) of your neighbors are represented by Congressman Elton Gallegly in this district, spanning from north Santa Barbara county (Lompoc) to Ventura and some of L.A. counties. Benefits for you:
Up to 15,000 small businesses could receive tax credits to provide coverage to their employees;

10,000 seniors would avoid the donut hole in Medicare Part D;

1,000 families could escape bankruptcy each year due to unaffordable health care costs;

Health care providers would receive payment for $48 million in uncompensated care each year and

64,000 uninsured individuals would gain access to high-quality, affordable health insurance.
How do we pay for this? The cost of health care reform under the legislation is fully paid for: half through making the Medicare and Medicaid program more efficient and half through a surtax on the income of the wealthiest individuals.

That's 2.2% or 6,620 households and here's hoping these high net-worth people will decide the right thing to do is to "pay it forward."

Next: what the facts are in northern San Luis Obispo and the 22nd Congressional District.

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