Monday, August 24, 2009

Lois Capps Is Where The Action Is!

Some central coast conservatives question where Lois Capps is in the health care reform debate. Lemme show you:

Little more than ten days ago, on the 13th, Lois and her supporters were gathered at the intersection of Reason St. and Health Care Reform Avenue. Actually the address is in the 300 block of East Carrillo Street, where Capps' office is located.

Demonstrators showed they cared about their neighbors and family members by supporting President Obama's healthcare reform efforts now taking shape in Congress. Those supporting the president outnumbered those opposed.

When will Lois actually meet with the "teabaggers" and other protesters? Capps has stated she intends to hold a community forum in early September, preferably in a church where health care opponents presumably might be less rowdy and boisterous.

Heck, they might even bring their ability to reason and act like adults!

Just ask your parents or grandparents if Medicare and Social Security assistance is something they would prefer to live without. Oh, if your loved one is a veteran, ask if they would care if the Veterans Administration stopped all their health care treatment and prescription drug supply.

Not likely that any of the people you love would give up these successful programs that the governed--you and I and our parents or grandparents--voted to create.

In my case, I'm alive and have post-stroke medication and doctor's appointments at my central coast veterans clinic. Beats pushing daisies!

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