Sunday, July 24, 2005

Media News, Governor's Blues, Ex-Pat Green and Lompoc Views

A media column by Dave Congalton, comments of a man going after Lois Capps' 23rd Congressional District seat and what it's like for a Vietnam vet to return to that war-torn country and teach English, plus two very different views from lovely Lompoc...all new blogging in this current edition! Welcome.

For some time, Dave Congalton has wanted to write a behind-the-scenes local media review of what's hot and who's not. Now Dave's "Medialogue" is on the web and right on target, including the latest ratings just released and which ailing North County air personality you might send a get well card.

Audiologist and Republican candidate, Dr. Don Regan, is trying to unseat Lois Capps. A state court ruling this week means Gov. Schwarzeneggar's redistricting initiative won't appear on the upcoming ballot. Could this be a total threat to democracy? Dr. Don presents his reasoned reaction.

Ever wonder where is Tom Hutchings, former SLO resident and Green Party candidate for the 33rd Assembly District? The decorated Vietnam veteran is providing English lessons for the people and learning lessons from the people U.S. forces once bombed and he's sending these dispatches home.

An outspoken Lompoc aerospace engineer and civic minded person, Ron Fink is a man with an unforgettable name. Ron presents us with a question: how bad can an oil spill be for the environment, if Mother Nature herself lets thousands of barrels a day seep into our coastal seawaters?

Psychologist William J. "Bill" Clarke of Lompoc takes on another local Lompoc columnist about terrorism. Should America "show no mercy" or does America need to demonstrate "Peace Power," since we've already shown "war power" for so many years? What's this have to do with Lompoc air quality?

The rest of the usual suspects are here: CrankyAnne is still cranky and "Newsstand Greg" gives you the particulars of who we look for to blog with us and use our commonsense style guide. This is your space, you make it happen! You are invited to click in and comment anytime. Or you can email us: centralcoastnewsmission at

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