Saturday, July 16, 2005

New Postings Of Note

Did you see Tom Cruise on television, jumping up and down on Oprah's couch? A man possessed! In media interviews, Mr. Cruise has also taken time to blast psychiatry. Our blogger from Atascadero, Craig Louis Dingman, gives us another opinion.

Our newest blogger is Dawn Ortiz-Legg, who checks in with information on what an eye care mission in Guatemala is all about. The San Luis Obispo resident lists upcoming action events of note on the Central Coast.

Always one to face a challenge head on, Ann Calhoun of Los Osos, tackles the topic of pit bull dogs and little children they maul. Oh, and the dogs' owners who don't seem to know what kind of animal they're dealing with.

How was your Fourth of July? Newsstand Greg reflects on what it meant this year from where he saw it in Lompoc, and how the Fourth was different than in years past, and--how it's the same.

More writers are signing up all the time and will be posting here soon. This is your space, you make it happen! You are invited to click in and comment anytime. Or you can email us: centralcoastnewsmission at

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