Friday, November 11, 2005

Like Your Freedom? Thank A Vet

Veterans' Day today...if you love the benefit of our country's liberty, thank a vet...a WWII vet, a Korean War vet, a Vietnam vet, a Gulf War vet, an Afghanistan War vet and returning vets from Iraq.

You might also help Veterans fight for the benefits this Republican congress wants to cut from the budget. May all vets receive the benefits they were promised. End of editorial. --Newsstand Greg, Vietnam tour, 1969-1070.

Dave Congalton asks: should we worry if wealthy, pro-GOP big business investors want to buy The Tribune's parent company Knight Ridder? Is this buyout good or bad for print media today?

Korie Bayer, citizen of Templeton, asks a Public Servant for permission to attend a meeting regarding public business and learns about access to power...who has it and who doesn't.

Thomas Hutchings views the US from halfway around the world, sees criminals in the White House and gives his perspective on the Iraq vs Vietnam comparison.

Guy Murray spots a change in Central Coast family customs because Holloway's won't be selling pumpkins this year. Guy also urges us to support local farmers who grow these treats.

Leggs Ortiz takes time to read The Tribune and recoils at a column written by Victor Davis Hansen. We offer our own right of center writer, Ron Fink, as a suitable replacement.

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