Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Toward More Peace And Goodwill

Monday night, 11/28, Congressman Bill Thomas (R-Bakersfield) was "officially notified to wake up and smell the reality," according to the post from Leggs Ortiz.

Iraq war protesters appeared at Thomas' annual "Academy Night" designed to sell the military academy experience to area high school students.

Third edition of the monthly RogueVoice is due to hit the newsstands and Stacey Warde gives us the inside look and his monthly rant at no extra charge, just below.

Steve Paige on how suing the State Water Quality Control Board on the grounds of "proximate negligence" could save Los Osos millions of dollars.

The Los Osos Sewerville saga marches on in a hot meeting tomorrow, December 1st. Remember to hide the dawg!

Will San Luis Obispo county soon be known as a golfing mecca? Guy Murray outlines plans for a new hotel in Nipomo to serve golfing tourists.

Reenee of Santa Maria expresses her thoughts about student sexual activity, school newspaper censorship and how some adults choose to live in denial.

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