Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday, Monday

How dangerous is it for kids to play football in Paso Robles? Steve Boggan makes a point in a guest posting below this one.

Tomorrow residents of Nipomo will meet at the Nipomo public library to explore incorporation for the town--get the agenda here.

Dr. Don makes an impassioned plea for improving our system of voting, citing Euclid in the process!

Ann Calhoun in Los Osos, must be eating nitroglycerin heart pills like popcorn as she tells us about the likelihood of a potential, history-making loan default.

Reenee of Santa Maria praises the benefits of reading a go0d book while on vacation. She also says it time to "move on" from the Judge Diana Hall "story." Is it a story about lawbreaking...or can Judge Hall get a fair trial in Santa Maria?

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