Sunday, August 21, 2005

Fish and Game Flips the Bird!

guest article by: Mandy Davis, CAREHNE
(Citizens Allied for Reform of Established Hunting on our National Estuary)

Here's an interesting question for you: How do you thumb your nose and shoot yourself in the foot at the same time?? I, know, many of you are scratching your heads wondering, "Why in God's name would I want to do that?" (precisely!). And others may ponder the biomechanics, snicker and eventually come to the conclusion that it would be impossible. (Not so, I assure you.)

This last Thursday and Friday (8/18 and 8/19) in the SLO County Supervisors' chambers, the Department of Fish and Game, in tandem with the Fish and Game Commission, accomplished this extraordinary feat with ease, arrogance and absolute relish.

Not only did the Fish and Game Commission, true to their long history of blatant disregard for the vast majority of the public's wishes to end or significantly limit hunting on the Morro Bay National Estuary, ignore a large political consortium once again asking to be heard, but they blatantly thumbed their nose at the tens of thousands of people represented there.

The Commission, eager to please their hunting chums and discourage any further attempts by the non-hunting public to be part of the process, not only stonewalled all requests for the regulations to be changed but decided in their infinite wisdom to change the hunting start time from 8am to 7am. Good Morning Los Osos And Morro Bay!!!

Now, how well do you think this little bit of political bird-flipping is going to sit with the folks represented by LOCAC (Los Osos Community Advisory Council), the Morro Bay City Council, Supervisor Shirley Bianchi, The Sierra Club and the over 45 organizations that have either asked for a ban on waterfowl hunting in Morro Bay or at least significant changes in the regs? Hmmm...

Kind of makes you wonder how it feels to shoot yourself in the foot with a shotgun, doesn't it? I'm sure by this time next year Fish and Game will be able to answer that question. OUCH!!!

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