Thursday, August 04, 2005

It Is A Blog, Blog, Blogworthy World!

Our backyard fence is getting larger, check out The Sun, on the north Santa Barbara county newsstands today. New visitors to our blogsite find there's usually something new every day here. Some of the latest posts from our coastal writing crew feature:

Our newest writer in the CCNM, Margo Viers, tells us what happened when she met Crazy Jimmy in Santa Maria. Welcome aboard, Margo!

Measure E means better healthcare for Lompoc, but Newsstand Greg has just one question.

Ron Fink, with a thought about the clash between opinion and exaggeration.

Our only ex-policeman, Tom Hutchings, is also an ex-pat. He tells us what it is and why it is.

Take a good look around and fire off a comment if you are inclined on any post you read. Or email us at the main Blogatorium, so to speak. Thank you kindly.

And please tell a friend to visit here soon.

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