Monday, September 12, 2005

Time To Make The Call

You'll want to call in to Dave Congalton's talk show Thursday...listen to the case for the impeachment of George W. Bush! Dave also presents a timeline of government response when the last American city was destroyed by a natural disaster--the San Francisco earthquake, 1906.

Then there's Ron Fink with his take on the "darling of the wine and cheese liberals of southern SB County"...Representative Lois Capps. Has all she's accomplished been a tattoo removal program and a failed attempt (the Gaviota National Seashore) to federalize her coastal district's coastline?

How did you remember the events of 9/11? Our Lompoc Peace and Justice Coalition helped the next generation visualize the cost of war.

Closer to home, Dawn Legg gets near the reason why legislation is/isn't getting done in Sacramento.

Have your friends discussed how much responsibility George W. Bush shares for the Katrina aftermath--and preparations beforehand? Mickey Rowe pummels the keyboard for answers.

Leave it to David Ciaffardini to tell us where we can get chocolate marshmallow popcorn along with our first run moving picture shows. Yummy!

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