Friday, September 23, 2005

Idiot Box Or Benefit To Mankind?

Photo by NASA
Ahh, the television set--once viewed as a tool for education--is now under fire on the Central Coast.

Dave Congalton on payback: the New Times shreds KSBY Channel 6.

Ann Calhoun cites a public official saying public access tv channel 20 in Los Osos may have "shared enough of both sides of the (sewer) debate" so it's NOT going to air any more "voter education" programs about the project. Next Tuesday is the vote to Recall three LOCSD members.

Craig Louis Dingman sees the Atascadero Main Street vision as a choice between hometown kitsch and sprayed-on stucco structures.

Rounding out what's new on the blog:

Bill Benica's post asserts "our Constitutional Rights are in danger!" Gary Ray Rogers prints a letter from the National Council on Disabilities to the Department of Homeland Security requesting specific help for disabled people hurt by the hurricane. The high costs of medicine and medical malpractice suits are tackled by Dr. Don Regan's latest in response to recent viewer comments.

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