Friday, September 02, 2005

Death Comes Knocking

Death knocked two doors down a couple of weeks ago.
Death knocked one door down today.

The people who died were just people, not famous, not well known by very many people, but the people who knew them well loved them with all the love they had.

It does not matter that both of the people who died had been sick and there was warning that the end might come at any time. Death came as a shock. To those that died and the ones they left behind.

I worry about the ones left.

One of the women does not drive and has a bad back making walking difficult, food shopping has become an issue and cleaning is impossible. Her son lives many states away. He and his wife offered to move her but she does not want to impose. She has no one here, she says.

My other neighbor is still recovering from having her best friend Bear Bear, her little dog of 14 years, snatched and killed by a big dog. She tried to save her friend but the big dog was too big, too strong, and too intent on the kill and she was too frail. Her son's death may be too much for her.

Grief is present in the neighborhood this week and we still have one to go since it always knocks three times.

It just knocked again. --Margo Viers

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