Sunday, September 18, 2005

Same Topics, New Postings

Photo by NOAA

Hurricane Katrina's
damage is now recognized as the worst natural disaster in US history. The recent Indonesia tsunami's cost estimate is $10 billion and U.N. estimates of insured losses from Katrina range from $9 billion to $25 billion in the last three weeks.

Ron Fink asks "what's next for New Orleans?" and offers numerous opinions plus three "shoulds."

Absolutely shocking to read "the confessions of a Bush-basher" written by David Ciaffardini, of all people.

Ever wonder why 38% did not evacuate New Orleans before Katrina hit? Gary Ray Rogers explains.

Read all about revising the history of the "Solutions Group" in Ann Calhoun's lastest.

Code Pink in San Luis Obispo has a goal to end the War in Iraq and a calendar of events to accomplish this.

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